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DeLeTeD Apr 4, 2016

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    The creators of the Brooklyn Creative One Page Multi-Purpose Theme positioned it as the theme, install and start to use that, it would be difficult to force myself to go to the other.

    This assertion is based on the fact that Brookyn offers its owner a lot of features and customization options that will be relevant for different purposes. In other words, Brooklyn - multitselevaya is a topic that will be useful to create websites very different directions.

    Originally developed as a theme interface for websites, presentations, and then the developers have added new features to make her a Premium Theme.

    Brooklyn is built on ZURB Foundation, which means that you can expect regular updates and additions. Access to the site developed with the help of the topic, users can get as a normal computer and a tablet and even mobile phones. This ability to provide support for Retina.

    The theme is distinguished by its flexibility and ease of customization.

    It can be implemented:

    own background;
    working with different media content;
    use the PS range of colors.
    Subject offers 10 styles, 5 types of headers, full-screen slider and 2-style headers - dark and light. With regard to the use of plug-ins supported by Twitter, player Youtube, is there WPML support.

    An interesting topic is for experienced developers sites (due to the abundance of settings and replaceable mass functions, tools, and supports plug-ins) and for beginners. For the latest proposed video documentation, which can be used to understand the basics, and do not learn the basics of coding to work with the theme.
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