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Minecraft Server Status Block

  1. whome
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.2.x
    • 1.3.x
    Additional Requirements:
    XenPorta 1.0 or WidgetFramework
    Web host with support for sockets. (The functions fwrite, fread and fsockopen must be enabled)
    Firewall on webserver must also outgoing connections to your query port.
    PHP extentions: mbstring (Dependency will be removed in later versions, most hosts have this installed by default)
    Minecraft Server Status Block
    This add-on simply adds a widget/block your forum so you can display live information about your server (or servers) to your players!

    • Uses Minecraft's built in query system
    • Support for multiple servers
    • Player List with Avatars and Usernames
    • Supports XenPorta and Widget Framework
    • Queries via Cron Job
    Minecraft Server Status One.png Minecraft Server Status Three.png Minecraft Server Status Two.png
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    Version: 2.2.0-b2
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    Version: 2.2.0-b2
    Its working good