Styles Defiance

Dark Style for any forum.

  1. DeLeTeD
    Defiance is a dark style originally created for Design Forums, but may be used by any topic forums.

    Colors used: Oranges, Whites, Greys, Blue/Purples.

    This is my second attempt at Styling for Xenforo, I will try to provide as much support as I can, but this style is relatively simple.

    Styling has been made to ensure that the following add-ons are styled.
    • XenMedio
    • XenAtendo
    • XenPorta
    • Taigachat

    I have included an xml file without the Side By Side Nodes.

    Thank @shelley, @audentio, @russ, and a few others for their valuable resources helped me create this style.



    Updated to 1.3.0
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